Friday, January 18, 2013

A Reunion of Sorts

I can hardly fathom that this young man passed away nearly 25 years ago.
 At age age seventeen. 
He is Shaggy's namesake and the brother I never had.  

To lose a child is a pain that I truly do not think I could survive.  
Over the years, his parents found a way to continue, though and were mostly happy.
Last week, his father joined his son in Heaven at the age of 72.  

I must say that the image I had of their reunion made me smile and cry at the same time!  
The hugs...the laughter...the singing and dancing had been a long time for them.
My dear friends, may you rest in peace and pipe down up there!  
I love you both.


Ann said...

I am crying with the thought and joy of Max and Chris being together again. I so miss them both....they were family! Thank you Jen.

twistedfencepost said...

What a joyful reunion for them. A smile amongst the sadness for those left behind.
So sorry for your loss.