Tuesday, December 4, 2012

On Schedule

The halls are decked around here. 
I am playing with the camera to show some pics soon. 
I had a goal this year to get the house decorated and packages shipped by
 December 1st. 
Well, the house was a day late, but all the empty boxes have been put away and the garage is presentable again.  That counts for extra points, I think.
The mailing boxes were taken to the post office this morning and are on their way to various locals. 
When the package to Norway arrives, it will be missing one tag that I neglected to tape to the gift.
It was still stuck to my cabinet after I put my usual abundant amount of packing tape on the shipping box.
The tagless gift is yours, Mari, and your wonderful husband. 

1 comment:

mari said...

Whopee, I'll be watching the mailbox. :-) You are too kind! I don't have my act together like you, so your package is still sitting on my desk, lacking some essentials before shipment. Love, fond memories and happy thoughts are being shipped continuously, though, especially every time I check this blog.