Friday, December 7, 2012

More Disney

After Shaggy's fun invitation, he spent  the remainder of the morning with his friends in the park and Hubby and I enjoyed Sugar Plum Fairy alone. 
That doesn't happen very often and it was a joy. 
It is fun to see Disneyland through the eyes of an 8 year old.
 Dumbo was never more fun.
We had races on the Carousel with not a single teenage eye rolling.
Sugar Plum Fairy tried with all of her might to pull the sword from the no avail.


There were moments to ponder and have fun.

The Christmas decor was magical and not overwhelming. 
Disney just does it right
The poinsettias seems to go on forever...and were much more red that this picture I took.
And the Christmas trees were varied and beautiful.

 Shaggy met us for lunch...yup, his tummy was rumbling and sought out his Mommy and Daddy...imagine that!
We then decided to camp out on the curb and wait for the parade. 
The band would march through the park first followed by the Holiday Parade.

 Micheal was the Disney man who kept order and answered questions for our section of the street. 
I didn't get a photo of him, but he was terrific. 
He was a young man from Seattle who had played baseball in high school before being cut from the team in college. He struck up a conversation with Shaggy and was proud and impressed with the way he had asked his date to the Christmas Ball. 
So impressed in fact, that he came back with a plan. 
He offered to put Shaggy and his date's name on a special list reserved for celebrities and other VIPs.
This would allow the two of them special access near the castle to watch the firework's show. 
Apparantly the vantage point is away from the peons and minions. 
Shaggy's eyes lit up and he was all in...until we looked at the band's schedule and they had to leave the park prior to that time. 
What a fun thing THAT would have been.
Oh is still a good story.
It wasn't long before the band marched through the park.
 Now having done this in Disneyland when I was in high school, I must say it is a thrill.  
 Love it!

 They marched in the Hollywood Christmas Parade the following night. 
That parade will be televised on Monday, December 10 on the Hallmark Channel if you are interested. 
Through the magic of television, you can see Hollywood shown in all its glitz and glamour,,,reality is a bit more...well,....interesting.
This holiday parade was fun and lively.
I adored these rabbits for some reason.

Pooh and Tigger were having fun sledding...
...while poor Eeyore was at the end of the parade trying to catch his friends.

There were pretty music box dancers...

And a wonderful band of tin soldiers. 
Loved them.
Pluto waved to everyone from high about the crowd...

...and these little guys had everyone laughing and grinning.
After the parade, we headed over to California Adventure for the remainder of the evening and night. 
Before we left Disneyland though, one on my favorite moments occurred. 
 I was taking a picture of Sugar Plum Fairy when her brother hopped into the picture without me asking  and made his Mom, Dad and little sister happier that he could know. 
Doesn't take much.
Coming soon, California Adventure at night...gorgeous!


Michelle said...

Looks like a good time was had by all! Even the teenager! lol

Becky said...

Oh my, that looks like more fun than I can stand.
I LOVE it when the teenagers do the unexpected.