Saturday, December 1, 2012

It is Such a Small World


The first thing I wanted to do when we went to Disneyland last weekend was to ride It's a Small World.
  The past several times we have gone, the ride has been closed due to being decorated for Christmas. 
I was not disappointed.
There was not a line and I was instantly transported to a world that is peaceful, magical and innocent.

Sounds of children singing  "It's a Small World" mingled with "Jingle Bells" in numerous languages.

Even Ariel got in on the action.
The decor and props are just lovely and vibrant. It is also interesting to see the advancements in animation from the time this was built to the more modern ones of today.
My nut of a daughter focused in on the Statue of Liberty and posed...complete with the puckering mouth.

Combine the pure heart of a child with a compassion for one another across the world and we could all be transformed.

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