Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Wrap Up

We begin the actual Christmas Celebration on Christmas Eve at my parents' home. 
My sister and her family are there and we always make a toast to their marriage.  They are celebrating 22 years of wedded bliss (their actual anniversary is the week prior to Christmas). 
This year while we were reminiscing on their courtship and wedding, it was brought to my attention that they began seeing each other when my sister was Lollipop Pop's age.  I promptly changed the subject as I do not want to think of such things with my daughter. 
 Oh my. 
Christmas dinner is very similar to our Thanksgiving dinner...turkey, stuffing and all the fixings.  Although, this year for Thanksgiving, we did only desserts, so Mom's turkey and stuffing tasted even better this Christmas.
Shaggy has been delegated the turkey mover.
After dinner, we head home to scatter reindeer food in the yard and get Santa's Treats and Milk ready to go. 
  The photos in new jammies have changed over the years. 
Note the faces in the first can imagine what Shaggy is doing to gross his sisters out.
 I do give him kudos for not complaining about having to take the pictures, though...I think.
 The stockings get filled in the dark of night...
I must say that our kids have always been very good about Christmas morning. 
Good in the fact that they are not up at 4:00am peaking or waking us up. 
 Everyone meandered out around 7:00am and we open gifts.  This year, my hubby was smoking a turkey and baking a ham and turkey breast to take to his Mom's celebration as well. 
I set out Sharon's Coffee Cake and fresh pineapple to munch on. 
Worked well.

Hubby and his two sisters planned the lunch at their Mom's house a bit differently this year.  We did not want the day to be a lot of work for any one person so we worked together.  We brought tables, chairs and the table settings and set them up for 20 some people in her living room and dining room. 
We each had a job to do with the food and it was all yummy and a nice way to visit with each other!
We then proceed with the festivities back at my folk's house with turkey sandwiches and gifts. 
This is one of my favorite times because it is super casual and filled with laughter.  Sugar Plum Fairy adores her cousins and they have always been very patient with her.  I believe my son has his nose in a book and is enjoying it. 
 Love that!

 The day after Christmas is usually spent vegging out and doing a lot of nothing.  This year was spent building the gingerbread house, shopping for ski clothes and attending a suprise party for my nephew's birthday. 
Fun Stuff! 
We vegged out on the 27th. 
 I can hardly believe it is all but a memory. 
Good ones, though.


Chris Camarena said...

Christmas is my favorite time of year and made so much better by sharing it with this loving family.

Michelle said...

It seems like Christmas sped right by this year. Looks like wonderful times at your household.

Janie Fox said...

Looks like a great Christmas filled with the ones you love. :)

Cheltz said...

Lots of family time! Your older kids are good sports :). Crazy that your sis-in-law met her husband so young!

Joy Tilton said...

I loved looking at your pictures and hearing about your Christmas traditions! You have a great looking family and I can see the love!