Monday, December 10, 2012

California Adventure = The End...Maybe

I believe this will be the final post on our Thanksgiving Weekend trip to Disneyland...I think.
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We followed the parade in Disneyland to the front gate and planned on walking over to California Adventure.  We made it out of the park easily since the parade was clearing the street in front of us.  It was then discovered that one of us, who shall remain nameless, did not have his Park Hopper ticket. 
No worries, I said.
Really...did'nt snarl or glare or complain at all. 
We turned around to walk to the customer service building to see if there was anything they could do. 
Turns out following the parade out of the park was a whole lot easier than going against the thousands of people who were now exiting while we were trying to enter.  Fun.
I have said it before...Disney just does things right. 
They issued a replacement ticket nicely and easily and away we went...again.  We immediately went to get a Fast Pass for Soarin Over California. 
(If you has to choose only one ride in this park, this would be it...truly)
 A Fast Pass is super nice for rides when there is a long wait. Scan your ticket and it will tell you a time to return and you skip the line. 
We learned that reissued tickets don't work in the Fast Pass Scanner. 
We also learned that nice gate attendants have the power to add a ticket to already issued Fast Passes so your whole family can ride together. 
Again...Disney just does it right.
We walked to the new Cars' Land. 
Mater was all decked out for Christmas.
I like Mater.
More creative Christmas Trees. There was also one that was made out of stacked tires...very cute.

Ariel's Undersea Adventure is new since we had been. 
Sugar Plum Fairy loved it.

The Jellyfish are always a favorite of my youngest child's as well as mine so off we went. 
Hubby and Shaggy went to ride the roller coaster, which is awesome, by the way.  Shaggy took a video from  the front seat. 
I will try and post that one day. 

After the sun went down, we got on the ginormous Ferris Wheel
Now, if you do this, pay attention to the signs. 
There are gondolas that remain stationary and those the slide on a track type contraption while circling.
The latter is not good if you are quite pregnant and prone to motion sickness...or so I hear.
The view from the top of this attraction is magnificent. 
It is hard to tell in the photo, but you can see Sleeping Beauty's Castle in the distance. 


We exited the Ferris Wheel and met the end of the nightly parade in this park, complete with bubbles and a floppy girl who did not want to be taken from her Daddy's shoulders.

Nighttime in California Adventure is stunning. The Ferris Wheel changes colors and reflects beautifully in the water below.
  The newish World of Color is like nothing I have seen before.  We were lucky enough to nab a  spot against the railing at Ariel's Grotto right next to the water for viewing. 
Water shoots high into the air and appears to be all the colors imaginable. 

 This, of course, is set to music from Disney Movies.
Portions of movies are reflected onto walls of water

Again...Disney just does it right.
Walking back to the tram, we were all a bit worn out. 
The trees in Downtown Disney are lit with beautiful colors and when one is too tired to stop walking and take a picture, this is what happens.
In reality, they look more like this.
As a reminder, if you are interested in watching the Hollywood Christmas Parade, check out Hallmark Channel tonight.
These guys will be on.


Michelle said...

I have enjoyed all of the pictures!

Melinda said...

Love Mater! What an amazing trip!

Denice said...

The great thing about all the posts is it feels like we were there too...thanks so much for sharing!!!