Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Advent Calender

Every year, I try and put things in the Advent Calendar that are meaningful and often times, helpful. 
Sugar Plum Fairy races out each morning to open the door and read the slip of paper.
This year I succeeded in documenting each day as well.
 December 1
Choose and decorate a fresh Christmas Tree.

December 2
 Give Chloe and Hannah apples. 
The horses deserve a yummy treat.
December 3
Choose canned food for families in a local school who need a bit of help.
December 4
Pick a bouquet of flowers for Mrs. Kim. 
Good teachers should be celebrated.

 December 5 
Give Daddy 10 old kisses and 10 new kisses. 
December 6
Pick of bouquet of flowers for Nina and deliver them after school.
December 7 
Make dog treats for Christmas.
December 8
Watch Christmas Movies with Mommy and Daddy
The Christmas Shoes
December 9 
Get dressed up and attend a proper tea with your Grandma, Aunt and Cousin (and Mom and Sister.)
December 10
Make a list of gifts to purchase for our adopted Christmas Family

December 11
Shop for and wrap gifts for adopted Christmas Family after a trip to Jamba Juice.

December 12
Make Christmas Gifts for your friends.
 Photo: Look what our Mini members made. Great job!

December 13 
Treat the cats to a pan of warm milk.

December 14
Have a special after school snack with Lollipop Pop.
 December 15 
 Make Granola for gifts with Mommy and give her 10 old and 15 new kisses.

 December 16
Make teacher's Christmas Cookies and wrap friend's gifts.

December 17
Write a letter to Santa and walk with Mommy to mail it.

December 18
 Deliver dog treats to Angus.

December 19 
Give Lollipop Pop the biggest hug on the planet (after she is up and awake)

December 20
Tour the Z. House this afternoon!

December 21
 Go for a bike ride.

December 22
Read a book in front of the fire.

December 23
Make Baby Jesus' Birthday cake

December 24
Celebrate with a Christmas Feast at Hun and Pepe's home with your Aunt and her family.

December 25
Sing Happy Birthday to Jesus.


I hope you had a Christmas Season filled with wonderful memories and love as well.


Cheltz said...

We also have an activity in our advent calendar -- you have some good ideas here!

Denice said...

I love this....just bought a new advent calendar the other day for next year...great ideas!!!

Becky said...

What fun!
Makes each and every day a special memory.