Friday, December 14, 2012

A Family Craft Fail

I am almost finished with all of my Christmas duties. My goal is to have everything done by this weekend so that I can relax and enjoy the last week and a half with my family. 
Two of our three kidnicks will be out of school this afternoon and the third will be finished next Wednesday. 
I am anticipating joyful mornings next week when one child has to get up and the other two don't. 
By Christmas duties, I mean the teacher gifts, the neighbor goodie bags, the wrapping, the cleaning, the cards mailed and boxes get the picture. the midst of this, Sugar Plum Fairy's teacher sent home another "Family Craft".
 UNLIKE the Thanksgiving Turkey Saga, I kept the Christmas Tree on my counter so I would not forget.  Last night was the night. Mind you, I was making these for Lollipop Pop and her friends while she was at basketball practice...wrapping gifts for the family we adopted at Sugar Plum Fairy's school.
Not sure what possessed me to take on this at the same time, other than I wanted it off my counter!
The "Family Craft" included two members of our family with a great plan. 
We were going to punch holes all over the tree and then glue it onto the yellow poster board and hopefully it would look like glowing lights....
Fail #1 We glued the tree to the poster board BEFORE we cut the holes.
Fail #2...After pulling the tree off, we realized that the hole punch we have won't allow us to gain access to the center of the tree to punch holes.
Fail # 3...In punching holes around the edge of said tree, we discover doing this with tacky glue on the paper is not the preferred method.
Now mind you, through all of this, I did not raise my voice in frustration or wad it all up in a ball and say "forget this!". 
I remained calm and kept a positive demeanor on the outside.
Fail #4... Once the holes were cut out and the thing glued back together, Sugar Plum Fairy decided she didn't like the look of her original plan of covering the tree with red and green confetti. 
She thought green sugar would be much prettier.
Continue smiling!
Fail #5 and #6... Getting every square centimeter covered with glue was essential in order to not create stark white patches.  Going back over the stark, white patches with the glue stick make a really pretty green colored glue stick.
Uncovering the yellow lights with a q-tip is ever so much fun!
Success #1  The trunk I love!  We made a mess and this might turn into Fail #7 if the glue doesn't hold (I'm afraid to go check) , but for now, I like it.
I have a feeling that this Family Craft doesn't cause the angst in other homes as it does here..  
I can't even get the photo to post in the proper direction although it is fitting, I suppose.
Happy Friday!


Cheltz said...

Grrrr...I hate those assignments that feel like a homework assignment for me. Especially when they're sent home with very little notice. One kid gets school off that early? Crazy!

Becky said...

Well, I think it's kinda cute. Even if it is upside down. LoL

Melinda said...

Hehe! Personally - I love your family crafts! Can't wait to see January's!

Anonymous said...

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