Thursday, November 22, 2012

What I Am Most Thankful For This Year

This Thanksgiving is a special one for our family.  Five weeks ago, Dad went in for heart surgery and his recovery has been nothing short of amazing. 
Dad has always been in great shape, beginning as a Forest Service Fire Fighter, then a runner and then an avid bike rider. 
Avid, to the tune of  4,000+ miles per year. 
Well, over the last couple years, he just felt tired when riding and as time went along he would have to stop midway to get his energy back.  In the beginning, he wondered if that was just part of the aging process. 
Tests were done, results received and a meeting with the surgeon occurred. 
 It was a crazy day for me and I was not at home. 
 My sister was under orders that as soon as Mom told us what the results were, she would text me. 
She did.
Quadruple Bypass.
Driving home, I decided to swing by my folks home. 
As I was driving, Amazing Grace came on the radio. 
Now, I must tell you at that moment, I felt an overwhelming sense of peace that everything would be okay.  The version was one that I had not heard before and later on, I tried to find it from the station's was not there and the only one they had listed ever being played was not it. 
Anyway, the surgery went very well...turned out to be a quintuple bypass.
The following day he walked from ICU to his new room.
When he got home two days later, he wrote a lovely and heartfelt letter to everyone who had called or E-Mailed.
I cried when I read it.
"Home again, home again.  HOORAY!   Feeling pretty good and have figured out how to get most things done without driving Ann crazy.
It is clear to me that I have gathered some extraordinary friends over the years and evidently many of you have considerable influence in the highest of places.  THANK YOU!
Due to limited vocabulary, it is impossible for me to find the words to express, the love, gratitude and good fortune for having a wife like Ann.  In addition to keeping everyone informed, she is doing everything else that needs doing.  Close behind her are our daughters and their families who "covered for Mom" so that she could spend time and help with their dad.
I am going to spend the next few weeks recovering by following the rules with the goal of getting back on the bicycle.  I think that I saw one of the bikes smile at me when we drove into the garage Sunday afternoon.
Thanks to
I just cried again.
He was walking as soon as he got home, working up to 2 miles in less than 2 weeks.
Four weeks after his surgery, Dad got on his trainer bike and has been riding it each day. As of this morning, he was up to 11 miles

I am so very thankful to being able to celebrate with this guy tomorrow.


Cheltz said...

Truly miraculous! I love that you were given the gift of peace throughout the whole ordeal. What a blessing!

Michelle said...

How absolutely amazing. So glad that he was in such good shape prior to going in for surgery and has the energy again.

God Bless.


Becky said...

Good to hear he is doing well. Determination is the key to success. And it sounds like he has plenty of it.