Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Veteran's Day 2012

Updated...wonky photos fixed now...I hope
Every year, the town I live in, celebrates Veteran's Day like nobody's business. 
I grew up knowing that our town had lost the most soldiers to war, per capita in the country. 
I am not sure if that still is true but we do honor those who have served and it is just another happening that makes me bubble over with pride to live in this country.

 Our flag holds center stage in the parade and having most of the people around you on the street stand up and clap when it passes is enough to give me chills whether it be a huge one suspended in a frame being pulled down the street or being carried by a Color Guard, it does not matter.
It wouldn't be a parade without horses,
(much to my daughter's chagrin. who followed some while marching in the band)

Princesses and Police Dogs and past Presidents made appearances. 

This school is celebrating its Sesquicentennial this year...President Lincoln was in office at the time.
There were also unicycles and cinnamon rolls and adorable daughters.

After the parade, we all venture out to the football stadium for music... and flyovers.


Each year a huge flag is carried around the track by a Boy Scout Troop to the sound of silence. 
People are quiet and respectful. 

This year we even got to watch one young man race from one end of the field where the flag was to the other end where his band was.  Fun stuff, I tell you.

This year, there were 15 area bands...from 5th grade through high school who march independently in front of the stands and gather on the field.  
Those 15 bands include 1486 students.  This mass band then plays each of the military branch's songs among several other classics together for the first time. 
In addition to honoring our Veteran's this town honors its bands. 
It is quite something to witness.
This day is yet another reminder of what an amazing country we live in and I am forever thankful for our Veterans who made it possible.


Cheltz said...

Wow! this is pretty cool that your town does this! It's so good for people to remember ...

Michelle said...

What a great celebration and a positive way to remember our veterans.

Melinda said...

I am so impressed! I wish our small town would embrace Veterans Day like that!