Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving and a Birthday

I have  a post ready for Thanksgiving tomorrow about what I am most thankful for this year, but could not let November 22 pass without sharing what I am thankful for about this man.
This man is my father in law who passed away 13 years ago. 
Tomorrow is his birthday. 
Myself, my father in law and sister in law in Azores before we were officially in laws.
I am thankful that I knew him and was loved by him.
He welcomed and accepted me into the family from the beginning.
 I am thankful in the knowledge that he is proud of his grandchildren and the people they are becoming. 
Grandson # 3's 8th grade graduation
His oldest three grandsons have chosen wonderful women to share their lives with and are on good paths in life now.
He is joyous. 
My father in law is watching another grandson be the first one to attend a university. He is laughing with joy at the zest for life two other grandsons exhibit every day. 
Shaggy and his Avo
And the 3 grand-daughters....
Oh My.
They are wrapped around his little finger quite tightly.
Lollipop Pop and her grandfather a month before he passed away. One of the best days ever.
 Sugar Plum Fairy never knew her grandfather and that makes us both sad.
She is told how much delight he would have had in her and for that certainty, I am thankful.

Easter at our house. Missing oldest Grandson...can't find the correct photo.  Grr.....
So, tomorrow as we all celebrate giving thanks for what is important in our lives, we will also be remembering those who are watching from above.
Happy Birthday...we love and miss you.

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Cheltz said...

Sounds like a grat man! I'm sure he's still very much involved with your family :).