Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Our first 4-H Cooking meeting was last week and I utilized the extra pumpkins a local patch donated to our club for a Harvest party. 
I am going to have to fine tune my meetings because there are 15 kidnicks and my kitchen is not geared for 15 anythings. Anyway, we managed and the kids did learn.
They cleaned and quartered the pumpkins, roasted them and set the cleaned seeds out to dry over night.

I had prepared a batch beforehand for the kids to season and roast.
Drying the seeds first really makes a difference
The pumpkin flesh was then scooped into a food processor and whirled until a gorgeous and smooth puree was formed.

 It was then time to make the cake using the fresh puree.

The cake was devoured and one high school boy said that THIS was the best food he has ever made.
Comments like that truly make the prep work I do worth it all and for that I am thankful.
Here is the recipe as I teach it. 
Pumpkin Cake
1. Preheat oven to 325* and spray 9X13 pan with nonstick spay
2. Sift together: 
                2 1/2 cups flour
               1 tsp. salt
               1 tsp. baking powder
               1/2 tsp. baking soda
               2 tsp. cinnamon               
               1/8 tsp. ground nutmeg
2.    In a separate mixing bowl, beat 1/2 cup softened butter.
3.    Add 1 1/2 cup sugar until creamed
4. Add 3 eggs (one at a time...mixing well after each)
5. Add 1 1/4 cup plain yogurt and 1 cup canned or fresh
         pumpkin puree
6. Add flour mixture in increments, beating until just combined.
7. Pour batter into prepared pan and bake for 30-35 minutes or until toothpick comes out clean
8. Remove from oven and cool completely.


Sandy Addison said...

If you want more pumpkin/squash recipes - I am happy to pass on some more as here in Queensland we eat lots of pumpkin. Soup, scones, Roasted, in salads. I will have to give your cake a go.

Cheltz said...

15 kids in your kitchen?? Your are a trooper! It looks like everything turned out delicious!

Melinda said...

I am really impressed with how much you do at your 4H meetings. I'm not sure I could the 15 kids from my club in my kitchen!

Becky said...

That looks delicious! I've got it saved.
I like growing my own pumpkins and canning or freezing the pumpkin. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. LoL