Monday, November 19, 2012

Family Tree Art

Isn't this a fantastic idea?
My sister in law had the tree painted on canvas for our family reunion over the weekend.
 Each "branch" of the family placed their finger prints and name on it. 
The first and second generation Azorean Immigrants are adults now and this day was wonderful for our kids to visit and get to know each other.
It was a great day...all but the part when I took my first picture and was greeted with the words, "NO CARD IN CAMERA".
Yup...that's me...I was one card short of a full deck.
I am thankful to be a part of this nutty, fun, traditional and love filled family.


Denice said...

bummer....what a great day though with lovely memories

Anonymous said...

I whished I could be with you familly... :(

Anonymous said...

Ivete Pamplona

Michelle said...

Sorry about the camera problem. Been there! Love this family tree. Really a creative idea.

Becky said...

YES, it is a fantastic idea!