Friday, November 23, 2012

Class Party and Learning

Lollipop Pop came home from school last week with the news that several of her classes would be having Thanksgiving parties on Wednesday. 
I think she delivered the news with a bit of trepidation as I have been known to go off on tangents that include statements like, "So much wasted class time", and "Seriously...what does a movie about firefighter Dennis Quaid have to do with Spanish?"
Don't get me wrong...I live in a family that is filled to the brim with wonderful teachers and administrators and there are a plethora of awesome teachers out there.  Like in anything, one bad apple can ruin the whole bunch. 
Okay...back to my original thought...
Lollipop Pop told me that I would be happy with her geometry teacher. 
The class could have a party if each food item brought had an accompanying page of notes explaining the item's relationship to geometry. 
Fun and a bit of thought and brain power it!
I made a Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie and cut it into wedges. 
She then wrote notes regarding its area...the area actually taken to school changed each time a wedge was devoured at home. 
I enjoyed watching her work it out in a fun way...not just numbers in a book. 
 I was happy.

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Denice said...

oh my...that looks delish! my kind of math!