Friday, November 16, 2012

A Crafty Turkey

Last week, Sugar Plum Fairy brought home a note with a craft attached from school.  We, as a family, were supposed to decorate a paper turkey over the 3 day weekend to be displayed in her class . 
Well,  the papers got stacked and stashed in my bedroom while cleaning for the 4-H meeting last Friday and completely forgotten. 
Then there was a band competition on Saturday, Sunday was a lazy day doing NOTHING and Monday was spent at the parade and Band-A-Rama
Fast forward to Wednesday, when looking for something else, I happened upon her assignment that was due in 1 hour.
Something has happened to me in the past year and I don't tend to flip out and start yelling when things don't go according to plan. We had already discussed what she wanted to do, so I grabbed a glue stick while Sugar Plum Fairy chose the colored spices she liked.  I glued, she sprinkled and stuck and we had a success, a mess...and no yelling or crying. 
I would like to introduce I would like to introduce to you Mr. Turmeric Turkey. 
My daughter was so pleased that her Dad helped with the sesame seed legs and that she remembered all the spices...turmeric, chili powder. mustard and paprika along with a split pea for his eye. 
 Not even close.
A good memory made?


Cheltz said...

Using colored spices is a reallygood idea!

Melinda said...

What a fun craft idea! Brownie points for mom!

Becky said...

Maybe not perfection, but adorable to me. Your resourcefulness never seems to amaze me.