Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What a Week!

Last Wednesday morning, my Dad checked into a terrific heart hospital to undergo a quadruple bypass surgery. 
My sister was there as well. 
Dad is in terrific shape being an avid bike rider, but over the past few months had become winded easily and when the bike riding became "not fun", he visited the cardiologist. 
As a bubbly and funny nurse took him from the waiting room with Mom, the seriousness of this surgery kind of hit home.
I had read all there was to read and knew the risks were small and the success rates were very high, but when Mom came out and said they were going to have to cut his wedding ring off because it wouldn't budge, I got teary eyed. 
The surgeon came out several hours later letting us know that all went very well and they actually completed 5 bypasses! 
As a friend later said, "Heck...I didn't even know we HAD 5!"
With Dad settled in ICU and having looked in on him late that evening, we grabbed a bite to eat. 
Mom's meal came out with 2 of the largest stalks of broccoli I have ever seen on a plate! 
Seriously, the steak was overshadowed by the veggies. 
It was yummy, though.
I had put this dinner in the crockpot for my family before I left and I returned to a wonderfully cleaned kitchen, and fed and jammied kiddos. 
My hubby rocked!
Sugar Plum Fairy's "Just Say No"  drug poster was chosen to be presented at a school assembly on Thursday morning and I was able to attend.  Since my sister had stayed the night with Mom, I watched the kidnicks tell us why doing drugs made you a "loser".
It was also "pajama day".

When I got back to the hospital, I checked in on Dad and was amazed at how good he looked.  His voice was raspy from the ventilator, but everything looked good.  By that afternoon, he had gone on a walk around the hallway and then he walked out of ICU to his new hospital room...seriously!
I drove home Thursday night knowing he was going to be better than ever!
By the time I saw him on Friday morning, his orneriness was back as well as his sense of humor...well, that is after he got over the nurse waking him up in the middle of the night and telling him to turn onto his side so he wouldn't get bed sores. 
He told her in no uncertain terms that he would NOT turn onto his side. 
Besides, in my humble opinion, the man wasn't in bed long enough to GET bedsores.  
Once Dad was settled into his new room, he was off on another walk...I has hard pressed to get this photo on my phone...he was speedy!
Because my sister had gone back to work on Friday, I sent the photo to her so she could see how well Dad was doing.  She sent me a text aftershowing it to her her 7th grade students..." I'm all teary eyed...My class gave him a round of applause".
Love it!
Thursday night, after Lollipop Pop's band practice, I took her to the store to look for a 60's shirt for the Homecoming Game on Friday.  Seems each class does a dance in front of the stands between the JV and Varsity games.We did have luck just as the announcement came over the store's loudspeaker that the store was closing. Some HUGE hoop earrings, a white belt and a funky shirt.  Topped off with a headband, her cool peace necklace and flip flops, she looked great. 
My niece was in on the action as well...love her glasses!
Since this was the last home game, the seniors in the band wore their white pants and some funky socks...
The senior football players stood on the field as their names were announced.  So many of these young men have played sports with Shaggy since they were little boys.  Some of their parents were my friends at the same high school...last year, or so it seems.
My niece and nephew turned 15 over the weekend.  Shopping for teens can be difficult, so I dressed up some boring cash.  I made a banner with their name on card stock and wrapped it around their favorite candy bars.  Folded and wrapped some moolah over that and finished it off with some ribbon and a charm and their initial.
Fun and different.

The best news of all...Dad came home from the hospital on Sunday! 
How is that possible? 
He looks terrific and sounds even better. 
Mom and I have been accused of hovering and are trying not to for fear of his wrath...remember the "bed sore nurse"? 
What a week!


Cheltz said...

It's so great to hear that your Dad did fantastic! All in all it seems like a great week! And "boring" cash?? C'mon it's the best gift there is!

Mari said...

Yay for Dad and a successful week!

Denice said...

super busy!!!! glad all is well!

Becky said...

What a busy and stressful week you've had. I am glad all is well!
I hope you haven't hovered too much.