Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Giving and proclaiming our gratitude sometimes gets overlooked in the everyday hustle and bustle of life.  When travelling through my weight loss journey, we were asked to share gratitude for 3 things daily.  Something we were grateful for about our self, something we were grateful for in another person and something we were grateful as a material thing...the smaller the better.
The hardest part of this for me was finding things about myself...to me they sounded conceited or arrogant. 
But in reality, it simply means I recognize the gifts that God gave me. 
It began to feel that I was thanking Him each day and it felt good.
 I have fallen out of the habit of verbalizing my gratitude each day over the past month, but it is high time I begin again.
 I am grateful for fall colors.  While these photos came from my Mom and Dad's camera on a recent trip, I am able to like vicariously through them. I am also grateful that it was easier or my Mom to loan me her camera card rather than send me the one photo I needed....I am grateful that she won't be mad that I snooped...I hope.
Before I saw this picture, Mom had described the splashes of yellow in Colorado as if the sun dripped from the sky into the forest below...I am grateful for her accuracy.

  I am grateful for growing up in the U.S. Forest Service when I did. 
 I witnessed the love and respect for our land from my parents and that will be with me forever. 


I am grateful that I live in this wonderful country in freedom under God.

I am grateful that Mom and Dad were able to visit the Grand Canyon for the first time.  
It flabbergasted me that they had not seen it before.
Sugar Plum Fairy was not so gracious. 
When she discovered where her grandparents were going, she emphatically queried, "They are going to the Grand Canyon WITHOUT US????" 
I kind of agreed with her.

I am grateful that Costco sells pine nuts in big bags so that I don't have to harvest them myself.  They sure are pretty, though! 

I am grateful for friends. 
Lollipop Pop received a text from a friend out of the blue last night asking if she needed her to pray for someone.

Lollipop Pop asked for prayers for her Grandad.
I am grateful for surgeons hands, who in the words of his nurse,
"God guides his hands".
I am grateful that the God guided hands will repair blocked arteries and have my Dad's heart pumping like it should in no time.
I am also grateful for the prayers I know you will offer for one of the most important people in my life. 

(This is the photo I was after when I "borrowed" the rest)


Denice said...

I an grateful for YOU!

Denice said...


Becky said...

Beautiful images!
I hope your father is doing great!!!
And I did say a little prayer for your dad just before typing this comment.