Wednesday, October 31, 2012

4-H Mini Member Craft ( works now)

The past 2 months have had me dealing with the paperwork of our 4-H Club which frankly, is not something I enjoy but has to be done. 
Being the project leader for Mini Members (age 5-8) is what I really enjoy.  Finding a project that appeals to boys and girls of this age can be a challenge, but I hit the nail on the head this year. 
I discovered
Standing Bear's Trading Post while doing a search online for leather crafts. We have a set of leather stamps and mallets that I had never used and thought it might be fun.
 I contacted Sandi began to ask questions...lots of questions.  Every one was immediately answered and suggestions made.   I settled on wristbands for the kids to decorate and ordered a set of letters as well. 
I could not be more happy with the service of this small business.
Lollipop Pop helped with the kids as did an older sister of a mini...I have 12 kiddos in this project so it is always a challenge to keep them focused. 
This was perfect!

Once I explained the process of preparing the leather, I let the kids have fun and use their creativity. 
Some chose to color and oil their wristbands and others did not. 


Standing Bear's Trading Post said...

So happy that this project went over well with the children. Love seeing kids creating wonderful leathercrafts! Also please we were able to help you make this all come together :)

Becky said...

Adorable! I loved leather bracelets with my name on them when I was a child. Still have mine as a matter of fact. LoL