Sunday, October 14, 2012


Last weekend, Shaggy turned 18 years old and we had a party!  It all began the night before when my niece and daughter planned and executed a bit of birthday decor for Shaggy to wake up to...
Shaggy even unwittingly helped the girls blow up the 80 balloons under the guise of party decor....but they thanked him with a sign.
Now mind you, my beloved son slept through all of this giggling and fun.
 Decorations for this party were simple and inexpensive....I made copies of photos from the past 18 years, had them laminated and cut out. I then curled a piece of wire through a punched hole and stuck the whole shebang in a pot with glass rocks and called it good. They were a hit and such fun to do. I also made a slide show set to music which I still can not watch without crying.
 I had it playing on the house computer and the slide show portion playing on a laptop outside.   

Family and friends came and enjoyed tacos and treats.  I am becoming smart...or my old age and called a favorite restaurant for some of their Chile Verde and stuck it in the crock pot alongside my Chipotle Turkey and Beef meats and homemade refried beans.
I tell you what...having 3 crock pots sounds goofy and excessive, but I use each of them constantly!

I covered a long board with butcher paper and left markers for guests to sign...reading  the comments from Shaggy's friends...some of whom he went to kindergarten with...and his family was heart warming.

The last kids left shortly after midnight and I could not be more happy with the group of kids that my son is friends with...they are a great bunch.

 May I also say that I have no idea how 3 generations could go from this... this so darn quickly!

Happy Birthday, Shaggy. 
You are the one who made me a Mommy and I can hardly wait to see what wonderful things the next 18 years will bring you!



Becky said...

Shaggy is so lucky to have all of you!
My youngest is almost 16, so I am feeling your pain! *****sniff******

April said...

My girl just turned 16...I know how fast time flies by! Sure looks like a fun celebration...and I love the decorations!

Melinda said...

Three crock pot's are not excessive! I have three and use them all the time! :) Great minds think a like! I love the idea of a taco party and those decorations are great!

Michelle said...

Your party looks wonderful and I love the chalkboard signs! Happy Birthday to Shaggy and his sisters did a wonderful job! lol