Monday, September 24, 2012


Ashley at The Shine Project is trying to change the small step at a time.   When summer began, I purchase 10 cards from her project to do my part.  Throughout the summer, I would place a card in various places for others to find. Sometimes I wrote a note offering a prayer or a thank you to someone and other times I would stick a small gift card along with it and place somewhere...taped to a Redbox kiosk screen or in a menu at a restaurant.  I then entered the information on the website and have watched to see where my cards have gone. 
The following comment was written by the lady who received a card along with her already purchased Starbuck's order...

I was at Starbucks going through the drive thru. I went to pay and the clerk gave me a paid receipt and this card with this number on it. I don't know why though. It made my day because in the last few days I was very depressed and down. but this maybe nothing or little but it really put a smile on my face because somewhere out there someone cared.

It is amazing that just a simple act of kindness is so powerful!



Janie Fox said...

I love this. You are a shiner!

Michelle said...

This is wonderful. Small acts of kindness really do mean so much.