Thursday, September 6, 2012


Apparently nearly a year of whipping into the gas station, jumping out to fill the tank, is not enough time to remember which side of the car the tank is on...

It is a proven fact that sleep is difficult to come by on the night prior to a big, scary meeting.
Sleep after the big, scary meeting that actually went off without a hitch is hard to come by as well. 
The brain works overtime and does not want to shut down.

On mornings when there is not enough caffeine on the planet to do the job, crawling back under the covers, resetting the alarm clock will do the trick...
until the brain begins working overtime again.

The weeds in my front flower bed outnumber the real flowers...and there is an unidentified critter in the weeds, too...I have heard it. 
Not a big fan of critters.
Upon review of this attractive photo, the hummingbirds are hungry and the bouganvilla is trying to escape!

Janie Fox made me smile this weekend with a surprise in the mail.

I get a kick when people I have known for years don't recognize me
I know it probably isn't very nice of me, but I love it!
Case in point...a high school teacher/advisor that Shaggy has had for 4 years came up to me at back to school night, shook my hand asked asked who I belonged to...when I said Shaggy, he asked..Shaggy Who? 
 I smiled on the outside and told him. 
I was laughing on the inside when the light turned on and he said, "Oh, I knew that". you didn't. 
It is also funny when a friend's husband comes home to tell his wife that MY husband is with a strange, "hot chick" at the back to school night and starts wondering who she is....
...said friend is in hysterics and on the floor before she tells him the "hot chick" was his WIFE!

Wash your fruits and veggies...not necessarily because of the normal reasons one hears about...but because there may have been a woman coughing and sneezing on them in the produce section...I had never seen such a display of grossness!
You are welcome.

Being a GOOD box-boy or box-girl in the grocery store is a lost art. 
Kids, I promise you that if you are good and don't put things like a raw chicken on top of fresh peaches, people will LOVE YOU! 
Wonder if the chicken juice killed the cough and sneeze germs?

We have a schizophrenic ceiling fan in our bedroom. 
It whirs merrily along in the correct, cooling direction and then suddenly...stops and reverses direction. 
That is not as bad as when the light on the aforementioned fan turns on at 12:00AM and 2:00am,  bathing an otherwise dark room in a flood of brightness. 
This is especially wonderful when it follows the previous two nights of active brain syndrome. 
I think the fan is related to our microwave oven that turns on when we OPEN the door and the fridge/freezer combo that  freezes things in the cheese drawer, but won't make ice.
I am a procrastinator...enough said.
Hubby baseball game...Lollipop Pop golf match...FFA meeting...all at the same time. 
Oh happy days!
IF you stuck with me through this exciting rant, I have the BEST lemon cake recipe ever.  I made one to give away last screeched...made another this morning for them.

Lemon Yellow Cake
Beat on high, medium speed for 9 minutes:
    Yellow Cake mix
    1 pkg. lemon jello (3 oz)
    2/3 cup canola oil
    2/3 cup water
    1/2 tsp lemon extract
    4 egg yolks
Beat 4 egg whites until stiff and then carefully fold into cake mixture.  Pour into ungreased angel food pan and bake 350* for 50 - 60 minutes or until tests done.
Combine 1 cup powdered sugar with juice and zest of 2 large lemons.  Pour over hot cake and allow to cool completely and remove from pan. (Run a knife around edges)
Oh, and when you preheat your cast iron skillet to cook chicken for lunch and then get side tracked while taking photos of a Lemon Cake outside, your house will have a slightly charred aroma when you come back in.

I also have an experiment brewing on my counter....

Happy almost Friday!


April said...

Wow! You look great! You should be very proud of yourself for all you've accomplished! Well done! That cake recipe sounds divine!

Michelle said...

Your days sound just like mine! lol They are making me crazy lately. You LOOK STUNNING! You should be so proud. I really enjoyed your random post AND the recipe!

Becky said...

Your thoughts go like mine....a mile a minute. I love that people don't recognize you. Just icing on the cake for all of your hard work. Got the recipe saved. I love me some lemon cake!!