Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Summer sped past us in record time again and as it was drawing to  close, I realized that our annual camping trip had not and was not going to occur before school started.
Well, I flew by the seat of my pants, found a the only weekend available before the season ended and booked a campsite. 
We have camped near this lake before and I adore it because it is just high enough in the mountains to escape the summer heat of our valley.
 Leaving for a camping trip after school on a Friday to return before Confirmation Classes on Sunday was going to be a challenge and our two older kids did not want to go either. 
I worried that this was going to be an epic failure.
I was pleasantly surprised. 
By the time we arrived on Friday night, it was dark. 
Shaggy and Lollipop Pop immediately set out together to set up the tent by the light of a lantern and flashlight. 
Hubby got the fire going and may I just say that using a small air pump to get the fire stoked is fabulous!
(I know, not very back-woodsy, but it works)
 In no time, the tent and sleeping bags were set up, we had dinner and relaxed.
The morning dawned and we saw a glimpse of the lake from our site.
A short walk to the shore made all right in the wold.

Sugar Plum Fairy was in her element and as we tried unsuccessfully to skip stones, she told me she loves the mountains better than the ocean. 
I agree 100%.
To me,the mountains and trees just calm my soul.
The scent of trees and the clean air make me smile for no other reason.


There were fishing lessons given and garlic scented bait sniffed...
...peace and rejuvenation as a family was found... were played, bets made and the winnings eaten...

...big brothers lying in wait for little sisters to cross the bridge and scare them...didn't work, by the way...
...and food cooked over an open fire...I love that. 
The contraption that we used to cook with was something I won from Homestead Revival. 
And it's awesome! 
It took us a bit of practice and we learned a couple tricks along the way, but it was wonderful to be able to swing the rack with the coffee pot away from the fire when done...same with the biscuits (except when trying to take pictures and one loses a sense of just how high the flames are and toasted said biscuits...operator erroe...NOT Grandpa Jack)
It will definitely be with us always when we camp.

Shaggy had scoped a spot out earlier in the day from which to watch the sunset, so after dinner, he took my camera, his sisters and away they went.
The only traffic were encountered was on Sunday morning...two kayaks and a paddle boarder. ..I could get used to this.

..Oh and Sugar Plum Fairy found a pine cone that she thought resembled a pineapple...yum! 

While I had been concerned in the beginning that we would be too rushed to enjoy this time away, I was wrong. 
Shaggy posted a picture on Instagram with the hashtag-
"Although I really didn't want to go camping, I have had some fun". 
Makes this Mama's heart happy.


Cheltz said...

I remember as a teen hating the idea of hikes, and then enjoying them once I was actually on one. I wonder why that is :).

Melinda said...

Just looking at your pictures made me relax! I love the mountains, too!

Rebecca said...

That lake is pretty. What is the name of it?

Jensamom23 said...

It is Huntington Lake. One of my favorite places!

Becky said...

Looks like fun! I prefer the ocean, my family prefers the mountains. So when we can we do both.