Friday, August 31, 2012

Happy Mail

Everyone loves getting mail...especially mail without the words "payment due", right?
Several months ago, I came across a blog that showed how to mail fun. 
Yup...Happy Mail
Finally, before school started, Sugar Plum Fairy and I set out to make two little boys happy. 
In the end, we also made our post- mistress happy, too. 
I wrote the boys' names and address onto a ball and let my daughter decorate it any way she saw fit.  Then we high-taled it to the post office to mail it...just like box. 
The post mistress kind of looked confused at first and then a big ole' smile popped up on her face as she stuck the stamps on.  She then left it on her counter so she could smile all day. 
The recipients were happy too...until they got the ball taken away for not sharing...oops. 
Their Mom said it was a good, learning time. 
Later that evening, I got this picture of the boys making a thank you card for is...the Mom said they are old enough to clean up their own mess. 
Ummmm...not sure their Mom is speaking to me any more.  :-)
Anywho...there are some other great ideas to send through the mail here.


Denice said...

loved it and thanks was so fun!

Becky said...

That looks like so much fun, for the giver and the receiver!