Monday, August 6, 2012

Fun Packaging

For me, the way a gift is presented and packaged is almost as fun as the actual gift.  I'm goofy like that. 
My brother in law's birthday was last month and I have had this idea in my mind since then...that counts for not being late, right?  Anyway, he enjoys Skittles as well as a certain restaurant in town, so I combined the two.
 I rolled the certificate into a tube and then rolled it in plastic wrap (germs, dontcha know). I tucked one end of the plastic into the certificate and tied the other end with long curly ribbon.
 I then took this outside for pictures and started visiting with Lollipop Pop and her friend and forgot to take the shot of tucking the package into the candy....Duh...well, self explanatory, I suppose. Adding a few fun stickers is cute, too.
 Bring each ribbon out of the jar, place the lid on, screw the ring around it all and voila...cuteness in a jar. 
Now, if only he can keep his kids out of HIS candy!
Happy Belated (only in the actions, not the thoughts) Birthday, Mike!


Denice said...

Great idea!

Michelle said...

I really like this! Cute!

Becky said...

You have some of the best ideas!!!