Thursday, July 5, 2012

Trying a New Tactic

My two older children have an annoying habit of ignoring me. 
I KNOW that I NEVER ignored my mother when I was a teenager...right, Mom?  Anyway, after umpteen times and several hours of asking my son to empty the dishwasher and having him ignore me and/or saying he would in a minute, I decided that I would not yell at him. 
I told him that if I had to ask one more time, I would remove everything from said dishwasher and place it all in his room. 
 I did,
he didn't,
so I did...

I will let you know what happens when he discovers this.
I feel pretty empowered.


Ann said...

Tee hee.... you still have an arrow in your quiver, because the next time you can remove the handy-dandy container and just dump on the bed. Too funny. (~_~)

Janie Fox said...

Haha Awesome!! Love it.

Anonymous said...

I did the exact same thing to my daughter, but included the bottom rack of the dishwasher. I also included the dirty dishes in the sink she was to do after emptying the dishwasher. Ha!!!

Denice said...

Good one!

mari said...

Great idea. My son is in for the same treatment soon :-) What was his reaction??

Becky said...

Sounds like something I would do! ***snicker***