Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Games Have Begun!

It all began yesterday with an innocent E-Mail question from my Mom to my sister and I...

"Soooo......let the games begin. What is on the menu for opening"

Then the response from my sister:

"Today's menu : bangers (chicken and apple sausages for R and me, garlic sausages for C and N), chips (oven baked potato wedges), and mushy peas.  For dessert, Eton Mess, which means I need to make the meringue cookies since nobody in our county had any I could buy."

Hmmm...I love the Olympics and yet I had failed miserably in preparing for them! 
First things first...Hubby and Shaggy had been helping with a Portuguese Fish Fry fundraiser so dinner was covered. 
The Portuguese Fish Fry had a name change...English Fish and Mash...(would have been fish and chips but the taters were boiled red ones...I know I'm stretching here, but whatever)
  Lollipop Pop and I had planned a day of school shopping in a larger city that has a Cost Plus World Market...I would stop on the way home and get some English stuff. 
We found some little take out containers with British flags and the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.  We found a package of English Biscuits with 6 flavors, which happens to be the exact number of boxes...must have been meant to be.


Found some English beer and some cute napkins.

Sadly, the napkins remained in the basket at the store least I didn't get charged for them.
We came home, had dinner and I set out dessert while we all settled in to watch the opening ceremonies. 

Hubby and I attended the '94 Winter Olympics in Norway, so I added a few mementos from that to the tray. 

Simple and fun.
Sugar Plum Fairy stayed awake until the very end...although at one point I made her get up  from my lap and walk to the kitchen with me for cold milk. I knew she wanted to watch the torch being lit and would be sad if she fell I also made her do some Jumping Jacks as well. 
It worked. 
We cheered for USA, of course, followed closely by Norway and Japan.
 I loved the hill at the end with the nations' flags on it and I thought the torch was lovely and the fact the the petals were carried in with each country made it even more special.
Sugar Plum Fairy and I stood when they carried the Olympic Flag in and I got teary eyed watching Muhammad Ali and his wife.
London is one of my most favorite cities in the world and I was pleased with the Opening Ceremonies. 
What did you think?


Melinda said...

We had quite a feast too - but thankfully my oldest daughter made it all. Bangers and mash, scones with lemon curd and whipped cream and of course - English toffee just 'cause! I love the Olympics - and am jealous you actually attended one in person!

Denice said...

cute cute cute!

Michelle said...

Sounds like great fun and some great eats.

Janie Fox said...

I did nothing special and yet missed most of the ceremony. I am an OCD freak and could not stay in the room!

Sheri said...

how cute. I thought the opening rocked! I love watching the Olympics - I would LOVE to see it in person! have fun watching.

Kimberly Rae said...

dang girl... now ya make me sorry I missed it!

Becky said...

Wish I had time to watch!!