Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Phone Call

Yesterday, I mentioned an awesome phone call I received last Wednesday.  Well, that phone call was from Coach Dave. 
He informed me that I was being named the Female Co-Champion along an amazing woman named Wanda! 
I was thrilled! 
I was proud to be sharing the "title" with Wanda. 
She and I have become friends through Boot Camp and she was always encouraging to those around her.  I am looking forward to the day I get to meet her in the future. My mentor, Jayme and my friend Janie (who received Honorable Mention) both texted me as soon as they knew as well. The friendships that I have made since February will stay with me for the rest of my life. 
The things I have learned about my physical body will stay with me always.
It has taken me more than 4 decades to understand who I truly am and to be true to that person...you know what, I like her! 
In the beginning of my LLU experience, we are asked to create our "Why". 
"You want to lose weight...but WHY?" 
"You want to be thin and fit...but WHY?" 
I still remember one of our live phone calls that moved me to tears.  Coach had asked for several volunteers to share their "Why" with the rest of us. As one caller in particular stated her reasons for wanting to lose weight, Coach had her dig deeper.  By the end she had discovered the true and deep reasons for herself...I remember being so happy for her and also drained when I thought of my own deep and true reasons.  Every person's reasons are different and very personal but some I think are universal.
When I look at the "why" I wrote and tweaked over the past 20 weeks, I smile...My reasons for changing my life are my own, and change my life they did.

I want to be alive so that I can rock my grand babies. I want to rock my grand babies so they grow up with the security of a grandmother's love and devotion.

I want to be thin and fit so that I can wear a pair of faded 501's and a white t-shirt. I want to wear the 501's and t-shirt so that my husband will look at me like he used to. I want my husband to look at me like he used to so that we can continue to move onward and upward together.

I want to be thin and fit so that I can ride horses with my girls and golf with my son. I want to do these activities with my kids so that they see me as a person truly interested in their interests and loves. I want them to see me as an interested and fun person.

I want to eat to live. I want to eat to live so that the focus in my life is on the people around me so that they know they are cherished and valued. I want those around me to feel cherished and valued so that I feel cherished and valued. When I feel cherished and valued, I can make a positive impact on others.

I want to be fit and thin so that I have less pressure getting dressed. Getting dressed with less pressure makes me feel confident in going out in public. Going out in public allows me to interact with my children and husband. Laughing with abandon and not worrying about what people are saying and interacting with my family is what life is about and I want to participate fully.

I want to be thin and fit so that my children know what proper nutrition and activity looks like. I want my children to know what proper nutrition and activity looks like so that they have the opportunity to implement it in their lives. I want my children to implement proper nutrition and activity in their lives in order to live their lives fully as adults. I want my children to live their lives fully as adults so they can be happy and fulfilled and experience anything their hearts and heads desire.

I want to be fit and thin in order to be active when we travel. I want to be fit when we travel so I can experience everything a new location has to to offer. I want to experience everything a location has to offer so that regrets don't take residence in my brain.

I want to lose weight so that I can accomplish something for me. I want to accomplish something for me so that I feel validated. I want to feel validated so that I feel important. That feeling in myself has been elusive until now...I AM important!

As I travel on this journey, I am learning just how strong I am. I gain strength from the compliments I receive on a daily basis. I look at my self in the mirror now and like what I see. Not perfect but pretty darned good. I see the potential my life has now and know that I can accomplish anything..truly. Putting the time and effort into myself affects everyone around me. I want to see just how much better this journey gets...it is amazing!


Janie Fox said...

yay you. yay for that WHY ...it changed a lot of our lives!!!

King Gator said...

Thanks for sharing your Why, it is a good one!

Michelle said...

An inspiring post! Thanks for sharing your Why!

Becky said...

Very well said! And very good reasons why!!!