Sunday, July 8, 2012

Little Girls, Ducks and a Playground

Sugar Plum Fairy invited her best friend to lunch last week.  Kay came over first thing in the morning and I must tell you, these two girls play so well together.  They never quibble, they share and they giggle.
Boy, do they giggle!
At lunch time, we grabbed a loaf of bread, some sandwiches and headed to the "Duck Park".
 Kids never remember the name, but know exactly where the Duck Park is. 

The girls put their extra energy into making sure the ducks in the back of the pack received their fare share, too.

There is a new playground now that has lots of spinny doo-dads...

Made me nauseous, but the girls loved it!


Denice said...

Man I remember those carefree days....

Janie Fox said...

It was over 100 every day last week. This week high 80's feels almost "fallish"! I would love to go feed the ducks at our park but no spinning for me either. Makes me sick.

Becky said...

I like to feed the ducks, too.
When I was a kid I loved spinny things, too. But now not so much.