Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Fog, BBQ and Surf

When it comes to fog, I am fickle. 
I detest the Tule fog we have in the winter that comes in and surrounds us like a cold, wet blanket. 
However, when I am at the coast and see this gray mass of fog next to the ocean, I know that the temps at home are over 100*s and I am not there!
Never fails...cold and foggy at the and miserable at home.

                                                         The fog lifted...
...and it was a perfect evening to host a BBQ for Shaggy's baseball team and their parents...

 well as have my niece give Sugar Plum Fairy a lesson in Boogie Boarding.  The wet suit was Shaggy's and I can hardly remember him that small!

Most of the players hit the beach...the smart ones played wiffleball in the sand and the not so smart ones put their bodies into the cold Pacific Ocean.  The two without wetsuits were frozen to the core when they emerged, but said they had fun!

This annual tourney at the coast ends the baseball season until November.

It was the perfect ending.

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Becky said...

As much as I love the ocean, when it's cold I ain't gettin' in!
As hot as it has been this summer I can't imagine it being "cold" anywhere. LoL