Friday, July 20, 2012

A Perfect Day

 I got to spend an entire day ALONE with Sugar Plum Fairy this week.  These days are among my favorites. Each year, I take one child school shopping...alone.  Shaggy isn't exactly ecstatic over the prospect any more, but if he wants new clothes, that's how I roll. 
 I need my babies to myself once in awhile. 
Anywhoo, I digress. 
Wednesday, I gathered my youngest and away we went.  She got to pick any restaurant for lunch and boy did she agonize over choosing the perfect spot. 
Olive Garden was for dinners.
No Red Robin.
She decided she wanted "American Food at a place we've never been".  Hmmmm....she chose Mimi's Cafe and proceeded to order Spaghetti...go figure.    She also had "the best Chocolate Molten Cake...EVER". 
She ate the entire thing!
Then off to the mall, we went.  In the past, you would be hard pressed to find pictures of me...since I have lost some weight, I fear I am becoming a camera hog.  I am just tired of not documenting everything with my kids and I don't hate my pics anymore...I am however going to have to learned how to do it better!
We had so much fun laughing and giggling. 
This girl is a hoot and is at an age that she thinks her Mom is pretty cool, still. 
We accomplished everything we set out to do except a back pack.  Sugar Plum Fairy has exactly what she wants in her mind, but we have yet to locate it. Oh well, 3  1/2 weeks left until school starts...plenty of time!
When we returned home, I discovered this lovely mess on the counter....
It would seem that the dinner I placed in the crock pot that morning had somehow leaked all over the counter...
Upon further inspection, it would appear that my crock pot died a strange death and took the chicken with it!
I texted Hubby, who had the other two kidnicks at the lake with him, that there was no dinner to come home to. 
I was not going to let this little problem foul up an otherwise perfect day.  Sugar Plum Fairy got some Mac and Cheese and she was a happy camper.
When the others returned home we topped the night off with  a fashion show, complete with an introduction for each ensemble.
A perfect day!


Kimberly Rae said...

she is a beautiful young lady.

one on one shopping how fun! I've never been a shopper so this time of year I'm glad I have no kids....

Jensamom23 said...

Thanks, Kim. I am not a shopper either. Having one child with me at a time is all I can manage!

Janie Fox said...

Girls I AM a shopper. I am willing to teach you. I am not great with a camera but I am better with crock pots apparently!!

Denice said...

perfect indeed!

Becky said...

Perfect! Well, except for that crockpot incident. tee hee