Saturday, June 9, 2012


The kids and I are home from the beach and I have a gazillion things to do this week. 
Boot Camp is wrapping up soon and I have final pictures to take, and essay to complete, a video to stress about, etc. 
 Today, we will be celebrating a dear friend's 80th birthday with some of her elementary school COOL is that?

June has always been birthday month in my nephew's was last weekend and my parents' both celebrate theirs this week.  My sister's is in a couple weeks and Father's Day is thrown in for good measure.

4-H Books are due in a couple days so the computer will be occupied by teenagers..hopefully the printer doesn't act up again. 

We had a nice vacation, but reality has arrived in full force...


Becky said...

Is that an otter?! Love it!! Wish we had those on our beaches.
Love your pics!
Good luck getting everything done.

Melinda said...

What a wonderful trip! It's so hard to come back to reality though!