Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Peak

We just returned last night from one of the best mini vacations we have been on.  It wasn't necessarily the location or things we did, but we had a blast being together. We started with a tour of a University that Shaggy is interested in attending.
I did NOT take a single photo because THAT would have been mortifying for him. 
The tour guide was great and she answered all of our questions...except how did time pass so quickly that we are touring college campuses with our baby? 
That night we watched Shaggy's favorite ball player (in the wrong uniform) beat Hubby's team...badly. 
I really enjoyed the ball park and I must say that the fans were fun. 
Nice night.
 I had not been to Knott's Berry Farm since I lived in Orange County 20 some years ago.  It is a nice park with rides for kids of all ages.  Miss Sugar Plum Fairy went on roller coasters and loved them...We were wet for hours after this one!

Yesterday, we went to The American Girl Doll Store.
May I just say that this company is genius in marketing?

In a few days I will bore you with all the details from this trip, but I am doing laundry and putting the final touches on my Boot Camp assignment for graduation this weekend. 
I will fill you in on those details soon. 
I are waiting with bated breathe.


Janie Fox said...

Those American doll stores are something else. I have been to the one in Chicago. A doll hair salon!! Pretty cool.

Becky said...

Sometimes the best memories are made on short getaways! Glad you all had a great time!