Saturday, June 2, 2012

On the Way to the Beach

I am home for a couple days with Shaggy while my hubby and the girls stay at the coast.  We will head back to the relaxation and cool weather on Monday, when hubby returns to the heat of home.  Think I got the good end of the bargain!  Having Shaggy be a licensed and good driver allowed me to take pictures...will you come along between our home and the beach?
It's right over those mountains...
We get to pass farmland and lots of nothingness

Right now, is is quite dry and not a lot of green in our valley, other that the farmland.

Most of the green trees you see here are Valley Oaks.
Someday I am going to stop in here and give their olive oil a try...I always seem to neglect turning in.

As we enter the coastal side of the range, green sneaks into the picture. Farming is big here as well.  Also beef cattle. 

You can also stop as the place where James Dean was killed...I never have.

Wineries are abundant here as well...good Coastal California Wines are  fantastic.

Years ago, Hubby and I, along with 2 other couples went to the coast in a limo for a day of wine tasting.  The limo got a flat tire at this winery...

Tobin James...perfect place for a flat tire...the owners are a hoot and our time waiting for the mechanic to come passed in a fun manner.

The traffic was light in our direction...coming FROM the coast was another story. I must say having Shaggy drive was a nice treat.

This place can be yours for a mere 7.6 MILLION dollars. BUT for 7.6 million dollars, you get 640 acres, vineyards, olive groves, a horse barn AND race track along with a 7,500 square foot home. There is a complete tour of the place here. It is fun to see.

Speaking of money, here is an example of our tax dollars at work.  This ginormous bridge must have a purpose that someone knows...but to little old me, I just don't see it.  I don't think I have ever seen water in the creek and the highway there to the right seems sufficient...see all the traffic?

At least the homes that are under the new bridge have a pretty bridge to look at.

Once we get to Paso Robles, we usually stop at the park for me to go potty.  This was no exception...the kids seem to enjoy the stop too. 

They even had a drinking fountain with a mind of its own this time.

I have no idea what this building is or was in its hey day, but I like it.  Looks like an old school house, maybe...what do you think?
The California Mid State Fair occurs here next month and always has huge concerts.
Meanwhile, in our car, we are all singing this summer song. 

Getting closer...

Now the trees make me happy again.

This is the top of the grade coming into San Luis Obispo...makes me nervous whether I am driver or passenger for some reason.

The Madonna Inn famous for its oddness.  I remember coming for lunch here when I was a little girl with my grandparents who lived in Santa Maria.  The bathrooms had rock walls and there is a child size toilet in one stall.  I always thought it was fun.  The hotel rooms are each one of a kind and have names like The Caveman and Hearts and Flowers...I used to think it would be fun to stay in one of these, but the older I get, the creepier they make me feel...Take a look and let me know your thoughts.

Finally, the Pacific Ocean.  Hard to get a good shot from the highway, but you can see the pier...that is where we are headed.
As we drive into town, we followed a van with these on the back. I think Trump/Sheen would definitely be a change...not sure if serious fits...
...and this.  This was very large and Sarah's Spanish wasn't helping...according to Google Translator, it is Italian and means
"Wandering but Not Lost"

I like it and can relate sometimes. 
Up tomorrow, beach and caves.


Janie Fox said...

It is beautiful Someday I want to visit California!!

Becky said...

Interesting scenery! I am fascinated when I see land with no trees. So out of the ordinary for me.
I told you that you would have fun with that new lens!! LOL