Thursday, June 14, 2012

My Mommy

My Mommy is celebrating her birthday today and I certainly hope it is better than my Dad's was 3 days ago (the poor man's truck died at Lowe's parking lot for an item that has a story of its own) he was trying to start the truck in the lot, it rolled back a bit from the stall.  He got out to push it back in (mind you he is a VERY fit and active 79 years old). As he pushed, he heard a snap in his calf...ouch. (Turns out he ruptured his calf muscle)  He did not have his cell phone, so he limped back to the store to call my Mom for a ride.  She is having eye surgery soon and can not wear her contacts for a week. She assured him her glasses would be fine and went to gather him.  Upon returning home, Dad dropped his wallet in the dog's water bowl.  Now, at this point my sweet mother fell on the floor in fits of raucous laughter...probably not raucous, but she found it all funny. Soon, Dad saw a bit of humor in his misfortune and decided to wrap himself in bubble wrap and spent the rest of the day in bed.  :-) Mom. 
 She has a wicked sense of humor as I just indicated.  She was a ballerina when she was  a teen and young adult and studied at the Royal Ballet School in London for a year. 
She took a freighter. 
She also had a dance studio before she and Dad got married. 
 I always found those things incredibly romantic and exciting.
My grandmother made all of her dance costumes and they are gorgeous! When my sister and I came along, she stepped into the role of motherhood seemingly with ease.
She loved on us like my Dad and always had fun and creative things to do.  We went on picnics and bike rides. She made most of our clothes.  We read books like no one's business.
She was our protector from that dastardly Smokey Bear and Santa Claus. (No I am not father was the Forest Service Ranger in a VERY small town...serious embarrassment)
As we grew up, Mom instilled in us a love for travel and new places as well as goofiness and fun.  My "rich Aunt Nell"...(she was and Mom was like her daughter) took the three of us along with my Grandma and herself on a cruise when I was going into the 6th grade.  That trip was my introduction to a lifelong passion for travel. The picture below is of 3 generations in Acapulco. I can still feel the texture on my Grandma's dress.  Loved her.
As an adult, Mom and I moved past my teenage years when I am certain she was researching one way tickets for that freighter...either for herself or me.
She loves my husband (isn't he handsome with that mustache?) and may or may not take placing bets on the Kentucky Derby seriously.
In the end, I want to wish Mom and happy, safe and wonderful birthday!
I love you.


Michelle said...

Such a wonderful post.

Betsy Brock said...

aww...that is the sweetest post. She's lovely. What fun old photos, too! Love how you and your sister hide behind her and hold her leg. So sweet. :) happy birthday to her!

mari said...

Happy belated birthday to the best American Mom! She is indeed deserving of this wonderful blog tribute.

Becky said...

What a happy person she looks to be. I hope she had a wonderful birthday! So sorry you Dad's birthday wasn't the best.