Monday, June 11, 2012

My Dad

Today is my Dad's birthday. 
I was a lucky girl to have a kind and caring father from the very beginning. 
He was 33 years old when I was born, but he looks so much younger in these when I was 4 months old!
I was a lucky girl to have a Dad who loved on me, read to my sister and I and rough housed with me.
If you can't read the note on the picture below, it says "This rough house session broke Mommy's terrarium! Oops!" 
Sorry, Mom.
I was a lucky girl who had a Dad who stood with me throughout the teen years and was proud of me when he gave me away...either that or terribly thankful!

My Dad is a great storyteller and loyal friend.  Here, he is sharing a story with David and Sharon.
David is 3 months younger than me and lost his father to cancer when he was a toddler. 
 Sharon is his Mom.
My parents and Sharon and Ron were dear friends.
Once I became an adult, I learned that my Dad is fun to party with and can do a Tequila Shot like nobody's business! (Sharon is helping...I MUST tell you about Sharon one day...she is one in a million)
Most of all, my Dad is my hero and a true father.

Happy Birthday!

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