Thursday, June 28, 2012

Knotts, Angels and A Doll

When I say L.A., I mistakenly mean anything south of the mountains from here. It is just a habit of mine.  In actuality, we spent most of our time in Buena Park, which is adjacent to Anaheim and is in Orange County.  I find it interesting that as soon as one crosses from Los Angeles County into Orange County, the freeways are nicer...still congested, but better maintained and prettier.  We had a super nice tour of a University of California on Wednesday morning.  The campus is very nice and well maintained. There is brand new freshman housing, albeit not alot.  We left with mixed emotions...happy that Shaggy likes it and frightened and scared that Shaggy likes it.
We had a relaxing afternoon at the Radisson Hotel and Sugar Plum Fairy fell in love with the hot tub!  
  The hotel is located next to Medieval Times (view from our room through a tree)
and across the street from the Movieland Wax Museum building.  I did not even know that the museum is closed and the building is to be torn down until I look for a link to post here. 
 Medieval Times is a lot of fun if you are ever in the area.  The hotel is also a city block from Knott's Berry Farm so we were able to walk. The grounds are lovely with lots of greenery
Our room had 2 double beds in one room and a sleeper sofa in the other with a fridge and coffee maker.  The beds were comfy and the sleeper was like any sleeper sofa for a 190 pound, 6'2" person...not so much.  Shaggy slept on it as a couch after the first night and was fine.  We stayed 3 nights and had three different rates. They ranged from $105.00 to $120.00 per night.  This also included a full, cooked to order breakfast, which for a family of 5, is a huge benefit.  There was also an evening Happy Hour included, but we didn't attend. The hotel was the perfect location to freeways and the places we were going as well, and I highly recommend it.

Baseball in our household is huge and so we had planned a trip to see a game.  Yes, we planned the date in order to see my hubby's team, the Giants. 
 The Angels took my son's favorite player, Albert Pujols , from St. Louis,
but he wore his Cardinal hat with pride and away we went. 
The stadium is very nice and I must say the fans were fun...not drunk and disorderly.

These guys were definately drunk and having a good time but not at all disorderly.

There were fireworks when an Angel hit a homerun...sadly, that happened numerous times.
Even though the Giants lost badly, we had fun!

I was super excited to head to Knott's Berry Farm...maybe even more so than anyone else.  The last time I rode on a real roller coaster was 3 years ago with Lollipop Pop. One of the ride operators had to manually push the safety bar into place on me. 
I barely fit.
I was mortified and never tried again.
Being obese touched every aspect of my life and I am so grateful and humbled that I don't feel that shame and humiliation anymore. 
It was debilitating.
Anyway, Sugar Plum Fairy was set on riding everything she was tall enough for, including The Plunge. 
Hubby and I weren't so sure. 
We talked to her and had her watch the ride several times before agreeing. 
So the girls and I went to get drenched. 
And drenched we got!

Sugar Plum Fairy and I both drew the line on this stomach dropping excuse for a ride.

There are more tame rides and the park really has something for everyone.  The caurasel just made me smile with Sugar Plum Fairy's brother and Dad going with her...thrilled her to no end as well.

We rode on top of a stage coach being pulled by horses around the park.
The Hat Dance is bright and cheerful and very spinny.  Sugar Plum Fairy and her Daddy went on the Dragon Swing and she adored it!  This girl is a hoot.


We ended the day with dinner at Mrs. Knott's Famous Chicken Restaurant.  The history of this place is very interesting.  Mr. Knott actually crossed a blackberry, a raspberry and a loganberry to come up with the first boysenberry!  See, I got a bit of history in with the fun.  Those who had the fried chicken deemed it excellent. Those of us who had the broiled chicken, not so much. 
Oh well.

Friday morning had been set aside to visit American Girl Doll Store in L.A. The store is located at The Grove. This is an outside shopping area with only pedestrian traffic. The girls and I headed straight to the store while Hubby and Shaggy wandered.

Walking into the store was magical for Sugar Plum Fairy. She just stood there and took everything in. 
She saved up her money and last year had enough to purchase a doll of her own and cherishes it.  I grabbed a book I knew she would enjoy and snuck it into the bag before we perused the store.
You can bring in your mangle haired doll and the professionals will restyle it for you!
There is also a hospital check in counter.
This company is brilliant as there were little girls carrying their own $105.00 dollar dolls in matching outfits EVERYWHERE.
There is even an UPSTAIRS...

Lollipop Pop came up to me at one point and told me she wanted to buy a doll for her sister with her money. 
I made a deal with her that we would share the cost.
Miss Sugar Plum Fairy was excited when we told her and knew exactly which one she wanted...the doll of the year, McKenna. 
We walked through the store to make certain.
But McKenna had stolen her heart and came to live with us.
At one point, Shaggy and his Dad wandered over before saying something along the lines of, "You have to be kidding me! I'll be at the Apple Store", and making a beeline for the exit!

Now, I am not a huge fan of shopping, but then again, I had not been in a real bookstore in years. 
I miss them.
I miss the smell.
I miss the meandering up one aisle and down another and just experiencing books.
The Barnes and Noble Store is three stories tall and I could have sayed forever and not made a dent.

BUT, if I had stayed in the bookstore forever, I would have missed Crate and Barrel!
I loved this store!
Shaggy was checking out a new waffle maker which we need,,,

And I was just having fun...

After a well deserved tea, we started the drive home.
The famed and seedy portion of Sunset Boulevard with a Thrift Store that frankly, would scare the bejeebers out of me!

We had a fantabulous time!


Denice said...

what a trip! looks so fun....and seeing Pujols exciting...the Cardinals should have never got rid of him .....

Jensamom23 said...

It was fun! I agree, too....think he is a good guy, too.

Michelle said...

That looks like such a good family time! I actually have a friend who mailed her daughter's doll to the "hospital". For real.

Becky said...

What fun! Knotts Berry Farm reminds me of our local Carowinds theme park.