Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I just loved this print and framed it a month ago.  (You can print your own here.)
  Sadly, that is about as far as my summer mantel decorating went. I thought it was high time I finished making the mantel look finished...the kids HAVE been out for school for a month, after all. 
We have collected sand from different beaches around the world and I added some of that collection to my starfish.  I have some gorgeous coral as well and stashed in a very safe safe I can't find it! 
Alicia's Happy Day Challenge this week was to redo a centerpiece, rearrange furniture, change out pillows..she calls it fluffing and I like that.
So, finally, my mantel is done...simple, meaningful, and fluffed!



Mary said...

very cute!
i decorated with shells, too. ;)
have a wonderful day!

Melinda said...

I have some very safe places to stash things too - like the beach towels. Do you remember where I put last fall?

Alicia said...

very cool mantle idea! i have a bunch of shells i want to put in jars and name the beach we got them from...great minds :) thanks for linking!

Becky said...

Nice! I just love beachy stuff!!