Monday, June 18, 2012

A Blast from the Past and my Mt. Dew Dress

This photo was taken in August 2000. Shaggy was almost 6, Lollipop Pop was nearly 2 1/2 and Sugar Plum Fairy had not made an appearance yet.  The dress I am wearing is one that I adored and wore all the time.  It is two pieces.  There is a simple, tank type, yellow dress and then the sheer, floral piece on top. 
Because it didn't wrinkle and folded into mere nothingness, it was the perfect dress for travelling, which is how it gained it's name...The Mountain Dew Dress.  You see, I got the dress for a wedding a year and a half or so before this picture was taken. My Norwegian sister was getting all places, her home in Norway! (She had been an exchange student with my parents and we were quite close)
We packed items for Molly and her family that she had liked when living here, but could not be obtained in Norway or were very of those items was Mountain Dew for her little brother.  I packed the Mt. Dew in my carry on bag and away we went.  When we arrived in Norway, I pulled down my bag only to discover one of the cans had leaked and saturated my dress.  I paniced, but soon discoveredthe stain didn't show on the dress at all when dried as it is a similar color to the drink...hence, my Mt. Dew dress. 
Okay, fast forward to the next few years when the dress no longer fit...I saved it, is the Mt. Dew dress. 
Fast forward to February 2012 when I weighed over 200 pounds...the dress didn't even think about fitting me.
Then I found LLU and began the most life altering journey I could imagine. As I lost weight, I purged clothes that no longer fit me...the Mt. Dew dress stayed.  I then set a goal for myself, which I truly wasn't sure I would ever reach...I would fit into this dress for my nephew's wedding on May 19.  I pictured myself in the dress and went to work.  As the wedding date came closer, I realized that I really wanted a new dress for the wedding...but this dress would be perfect for a confirmation the week prior. It was, and on May14, I wore the Mt. Dew dress to church...and it fit!
Shortly after that, I remembered the picture above and knew a family photo was in order. 
 So yesterday, on Father's Day, we took a new and improved a 14year old dress and I could not be more happy!


Janie Fox said...

LOOK at you!! You look fantastic. I saved shorts for 13 years. They are now too big even though I am only 3 pounds less. Thanks LLU for RT!! Our finish line is getting close but I plan to stay in the race forever!!

Rebcam said...

You are amazing, and now I have to go dry my eyes.

Ann said...

FANTABULOUS my dear, fantabulous! Rebcam summed it are amazing.

Melinda said...

YES! What a great goal reached! Perfect excuse for a new dress!

molly said...

Yay! You look great, and you look like you feel great too!! What a smart goal for such a journey.

Becky said...

Oh, I am so happy for you!!! Congratulations! I have a couple of dresses that I refuse to get rid of in hopes that one day I will again "fit" into. You are such an inspiration!!