Monday, June 4, 2012

The Beach and Caves

The girls and I decided to spend the morning on the beach, walking to the caves.  Now the caves are at the other end of the beach from where we usually are and I have only been there a couple times.  Before I lost this weight I was always full of excuses.  It was too far, people would watch and snicker at me, I want to read, my hips and heels will hurt...blah, blah, blah.  Basically, I never wanted to do anything.  Well, this time is different.  The girls and I took a long walk and explored the beach and the caves.
We saw lots of lady bugs on the sand...not sure why...
...and what I call "cracas" on the pier.  In the Azores, cracas are a tiny mollusk which makes a home inside rocks.  To eat them, you cook in ocean water and use a nail to fish the cracas critter out. Lollipop Pop loved them when we were there and whenever I see these similar critters I want to go back!

About halfway down the beach, Sugar Plum Fairy ditched her shorts and t-shirt...
The caves are very dark inside and kind of scary.
Th girls weren't too sure about venturing very far in at first, but soon we were all venturing into the darkness. 
Look what the camera flash captures...
After awhile we were all walking into them in the dark...
The girls climbed, and posed and explored this stretch of beach.
There are very narrow stairs leading to some homes and hotels on the cliffs above.  These have what appears to be cement just poured down the steps to the way I am putting my trust in that.

After the walk, we decided lunch at a local hot spot was just the ticket.. Shaggy joined us for Clam Chowder and a grilled Mahi Mahi Salad.  

The best of all, is that I did not miss this time with my girls and nothing hurt.


mari said...

Way to go! Your hard work is paying off! What a beautiful, beautiful place. Thanks for sharing!

Becky said...

I am so happy that not only do you look great but also feel great. It is amazing how shedding a few pounds makes such a difference in you life.
I am also fascinated by your west coast shores. They are nothing like our east coast. No mountain, big rocks or caves. Just flat sand ocean and dunes.