Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A List

1. Last week, I mentioned I was selected to be on a jury in a neighboring town.

2. This week, I am still on said jury.

3. My camera doesn't work.

4. My silly town apparently doesn't carry the battery I hope is the issue.

5. No problem, since I am on jury duty in a neighboring, larger town that actually has a camera shop.

6. Jury duty hours are not conducive to visiting a camera shop since it is closed when I am done each afternoon and leaving during lunch makes me fear I won't get back in time.

7. Will I ever be done?

8. My parents have been saints in picking Sugar Plum Fairy up after school every day for a week, helping with homework and feeding her.

8. Did I mention I am on jury duty?

9. How do lawyers and judges turn their brains off at night and sleep?

10. Lollipop Pop and Shaggy have finals this week and school is out on Friday for the summer.

11. I am losing my last week to myself by spending it in a courtroom.

12. We STILL have 6 German Shepherd puppies.

13. Blog posts are piling in my head, and yet this morning, I am just feeling loopy.

14. Over and out.


Denice said...

Bummer about jury duty but hey....your birthday is just about to make its grand appearance! New Pioneer Woman cookbook? Sounds good and tasty to me.....

Michelle said...

It will soon be over! Have faith!

Becky said...

Seriously, could they have scheduled your call to duty at a worse time?!?!
Hang in there girl, it's almost over!!