Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Graduation

My nephew graduated from high school on Friday...he is the one on the left.  The other two will graduate next year.
  Shaggy and his cousin walked their Grandma from the parking lot to our seats...we were worried that the trek would be too much for her, but that woman nearly led those boys and walked with a mighty purpose.  Not bad for being just shy of her 89th birthday!
People watching before the ceremony was lots of fun. The shoes these girls were wearing were interesting to say the least...I am amazed that a couple of them did not break an ankle!
The festivities started a few minutes late...three graduates were on the Softball Team and were making their way home after winning the Valley Championship game!  The coach ran onto the field to present the principal with the plaque. 
Very exciting for them!

The field was awash in blue and gold as the class took their places.

This young man is the one who remembered the Magic Medicine that I told you about

And this young man is my nephew.
He is bright, kind and funny.
He is going places.
I am proud.

I saw this idea and knew it was the perfect way to add a bit of oomph to a gift of cash.  

I got the can at Lowe's and think it is a neat alternative to the clear one in the original.  I added a paint key and was good to go. You can find the instructions and down loadable tag here.
This weekend wraps up the craziness around here for awhile.  My sister in law and her family are exhausted...a wedding, graduation and all the accompanying madness is a lot for one week.
Bring on summer vacation!


Denice said...

I LOVE that money can idea...brilliant!

Becky said...

Congratulations to the grads!!
Love the gift idea! I'll have to keep that in mind for the not so distant future. **sniff** It won't be but just 3 years and my baby will be graduating. **sniff**sniff**
Now that all of the "excitement" is complete....let summer begin!