Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Field Trip

Last week I was able to accompany Sugar Plum Fairy on a field trip with her school.  I had  been asked to lead one of the activities the kids would participate in and I agreed.  The destination was in our local foothills and is run by our County Office of Education.  The children are split into 4 groups which rotate every 30 minutes.  They collected pond and stream water looking at it through a microscope to discover tiny creatures. 

They learned about woodpeckers and other native birds and were able to search for them with binoculars.  They captured bugs in bug nets and learned what they had captured.  My station was about wildflowers.  I, thankfully, was with another lady who took the reins and taught about pollination and the spreading of seeds.  We then showed them Georgia O'Keefe paintings and explained how they might create their own masterpiece. We then took them into a pasture of wildflowers with a clipboard, paper and pencil.
It was magical to watch. 
Most of the kids took it very seriously and were quiet and observant.
After the pencil drawings were finished, we taught them to color and add definition to their drawing with chalk.  It was truly a terrific activity for 1st graders.
After lunch, the kidnicks participated in some more activities like an obstacle course that included a giant spider web to maneuver through.

and balancing beams.

They learned to be silent and listen to the birds.  It was so rewarding to watch some of these kids who had never been taught or shown things like this at home and I am truly thankful I was able to experience it with them


Ashley said...

How fun! That spider web looks like fun. Brings back memories of when I went on field trips like this in elementary school. I love how you call them "kidnicks."! Cute.

Becky said...

One of my favorite things is watching the look of wonder and amazement on a child's face.
I know that had to be so much fun!!