Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Musical Honor

Music has been a cornerstone of our town for more than 100 years and is still vitally important.  In 1902, the first high school band was formed and in the years that followed, 2 more high schools have been created and the band at each is just as... if not more so... recognized than the football team.  Several years ago, a local lady, involved in the arts, had a dream. That dream was to create a mural honoring the men who built our elementary and high school music programs. Saturday was the unveiling of the mural.  Sadly, the lady passed away a few months ago, but she would have been proud. 

The mural is 10 feet by 100 feet in size and is free standing in a beautiful downtown park.  The mural begins with the first band director in 1902, then on to the next one who built upon the first man's accomplishments.  The third man honored is probably the best known at the "other" high school.  He was a bear of a man and was an incredible musician who travelled the country with his high school band.
Amazing Grace was played beautifully on the trumpet while 4 white doves were released in memory of the first 3 directors and the lady with the dream. (It was in the 90's on Saturday and this lady was decked out and ready to go)
The last man honored is Mr. A.  Now, Mr. A was MY band director.  He is the man who was hired when MY high school was built in the 1960's and held that position until his retirement in 1991ish.  Mr. A is the man who led our band of more than 300 members through Europe and the USA. He is the man who is a friend and who sang in my wedding...can you tell that I adore him?  Anyway, as the ceremony began, each high school band marched in independently and then formed one mass band to play several songs.  Mr. A was asked to direct the last piece.
I cried.


Denice said...

What a story! Yay for Mr. A and I am sure there was a woman in heaven with a BIG smile on her face!

Becky said...

What a beautiful tribute!
I can only imagine the emotions that flowed through your town that day. I would have cried, too!