Friday, April 6, 2012

Final 4-H Cooking Meeting and a Smoothie Recipe

4-H Project Meetings are over for the year in my world. Since I have been a cooking leader, the final meeting is usually similar each year.  The kids make Strawberries Wild Smoothies from Jamba Juice and then work on the forms for their books and entry forms for the upcoming fairs. This year, I added a fun quiz to the mix.  I asked them to tell me which items are whisks....
 What was in the bowl...
and what country "crepes" are from.
As you can see, it was not difficult and I think they had fun...

 How many teaspoons in a tablespoon
a. 10    b.3   c.310   d. 103
What is "scant?
a. just over    b. just under
 What country are "crepes" from?
a. Alaska   b. France   c. California   d. New York
What can you put under a cutting board to keep in from slipping on the counter?
a. a cookie sheet   b. a damp towel   c. a dry towel   d. a sponge
What is "heaping"
a. just over   b. just under
How many teaspoons in a cup?
How many tablespoons in a cup?

Making Jamba Juice Smoothies is the easiest thing ever and Strawberries Wild has always been the favorite. I slice too ripe bananas into slices, flash freeze on a cookie sheet and store them in a freezer bag. Give it a try...

Strawberries Wild
1 cup apple juice
1 cup frozen strawberries
1/2 cup frozen banana slices
1 cup frozen vanilla yogurt
Mix all in a blender until smooth.

As for blenders...I just got a new one and let me tell you I am in love!!!
This baby had 6 blades and, I am convinced, a jet engine. It is also a food processor, juicer and dough mixer. I got mine at had a rebate attached and I had two decent size rebate check thingies which made it possible.  I made one smoothie and put my old blender in the donate is THAT good.
Over and out.


Michelle said...

Wow! That is a nice blender!

Denice said...

I love the blender!

Becky said...

Sounds yummy!
I would love to have one of those blenders!