Thursday, April 5, 2012


Last week, Sugar plum Fairy spent a few hours at my Mom and Dad's house while I took Lollipop Pop to see the Hunger Games...which I loved. Anyway, Mom had a special snack ready to create upon her arrival.  It began with a jar of Magic Fairy Cake Dust.  The following day, this story that Mom wrote, arrived in my in-box.

"It has been long-known that Garden Fairies live and play in our garden.  They dance upon the grass, flit here and there.  When they become tired, they nestle down and sleep deep inside the warm, woolly throats of the foxglove blossoms where they cover themselves with blankets made of thistle down.  A lesser known fact that has recently become known...the Garden Fairies are friends with the Baking Fairies!

Now I have never been able to see these elusive Baking Fairies, but I have long heard of their extreme generosity and their delight in making treats for their friends in the fairy kingdom.  Little did I knowm,  this generosity is sometimes bestowed upon mere mortals...especially upon delightful little girls.  This fact became apparent when a large, almost two quart jar appeared on my kitchen counter yesterday morning. Printed upon the side of the jar in fairy script (black with purple dots) was written "Magic Fairy-Cake Dust".  It must have taken great effort of both the Baking Fairies AND the Garden Fairies working together,  to maneuver such a gigantic thing into the house and past the sleeping Scottie dog named Angus, who lay on the door mat, but manage they did.  These generous and thoughtful Baking Fairies even left a magic Fairy words that only can be read by children,  delightful little girls in particular.  They said, "Shhhhh, keep this code secret from non-believers, but repeat it over and over until you remember it. The Baking Fairy Code is Three, Two, One".

The delightful little girl whispered the code over and over in her mind...then she decided to do as the Baking Fairies told her and see if she could make a Fairy-Cake.  She carefully leveled three tablespoons of Magic Fairy-Cake Dust and put it into a bowl.  The next part was hard, because it is very difficult to measure  level tablespoons of liquid.  Water is extra hard to measure because it likes to dribble and slip away.  She managed to measure two level tablespoons, though and she put it in with the Magic Fairy-Cake Dust.

The delightful little girl mixed and mixed and then baked the magic batter in a pretty little dish decorated with violets.  She squashed a plump, juicy strawberry into delicious nectar. This, she had heard is the Baking Fairy's favorite topping for fresh, warm Fairy-Cakes...especially when the strawberry nectar is finally topped with a fluffy snowfall of powdered sugar.  All the fairy kingdom like this tasty treat.

When the cake was baked, the delightful little girl ate and ate and ate the Magic Fairy Cake, topped with strawberry nectar and the snowfall of powdered sugar. She then folded her napkin neatly, put it in the bunny rabbit napkin ring to the left of her plate and whispered a quiet thank you to both the Baking Fairies and the Garden Fairies for bringing her such a thoughtful gift. Then off she went to visit and play with the Button Fairies who live in their special polished oak button box in her Grandma's bedroom."


klutzymama said...

Jen, that is so precious! How awesome is your mom?!

BTW - I just read the first Hunger Games book & loved it. (I know, I'm behind the times). I really want to see the movie now. :)

Becky said...

How sweet is that!!!
I didn't know that Garden Fairies and Baking Fairies even knew eachother existed. tee hee
And your Mom knows them both!!!

Mari said...

I love it! Thanks for sharing!

Melinda said...

I love it! What a sweet story! I think the Baking Fairies need to visit my house really soon!

Denice said...

Oh my sweet!!!!!!!!