Sunday, April 29, 2012

April 30 - May 6

Have you heard of Screen Free Week

 The organization behind it has terrific ideas here.
I am giving this a go beginning tomorrow.  Honestly, it was given as a Boot Camp assignment, but I am excited and interested in how it goes.  Giving up television will be easy for me.  The computer...not so sure.  I get up by 5:00am each morning to browse blogs, update mine and not have to worry about anything has been my alone time. I will miss it, I think...BUT I have several projects in the works instead. 
See you next week!


Michelle said...

Good luck with this! I also use my computer time as my "alone time"! I hardly ever watch tv anymore.

alicia said...

Oh I love these! We used to have them prompted through school...unfortunatley now they need their computers and iPad's FOR school. But it is still good to pick a week and go without the screen. Well them anyways... do I have to?! :)