Sunday, April 15, 2012

4-H Fair-2012

Our County 4-H Extension office hosts a Field Day (has been called fair until last year and I still call it that) each year.  It is almost unbelievable that an entire year has past since last year's but it has.  The kidnicks in my cooking project did very well this year making Cranberry Muffins,
Apple Pie, Brownies, Lemon Tassies and a variety of cookies. One member even tried her hand at Horse Treats that are edible for humans as well...very creative.
The Mini Member's projects are always my favorite to look at.  My kidnicks made these and these.  There were cute little turtles, bulletin boards and sachets from other clubs.

The mini gardens were super cute this year...

...and I always love to see that food preservation is still being taught

There were some terrific cakes as well as fun table settings.

Next event for these kids is our local fair in May...can hardly wait!


Michelle said...

Some serious talent here! Love that mini garden.

Janie Fox said...

The gardens are adorable and that cake..wowza!

Tipper said...

The cakes are just amazing-what a fun day!

Denice said...

I love love LOVE the cakes!!!!! How cool are those?

Becky said...

Those muffins look delicious! I've never eaten one of them. If I lived closer I could be your taste tester. LOL
That mini garden is adorable, as are the cakes.
Did you see my reply to your crockpot green bean request?