Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Spring Cleanup

We have had gorgeous spring weather here for awhile now...the problem when that happens, is that I get the itch to plant my garden...the problem with that is that after days approaching 80 degrees, we are under a freeze warning at night this week. 
Restraint is needed. 
 Last weekend, I did get a bit of prep work done in the beds.  I watered the herbs that survived the winter... well as a strawberry plant looks purty good after some cold nights...

I also tackled a flower bed that I always seem to neglect for some strange reason. It is always cool and shady here and overlooks the back yard...not sure why I forget it.  But I do.
The spot that is clean of weeds...

...and the spot in the upper corner that has been dug lower that the patio cement...

...well, those are the areas that the dogs like to nap in...nice and cool. The dogs don't seem to mind if there are (or were) plants in the way, either.  I needed to remedy that.
My helper, complete with her pink boots ready to dive right in.

I dug the Calla Lilies and Clivia up and set aside to divide. 
We had some extra fence panels from the corrals and with some bolt cutters, I went to town.
 Once the bed was clean, I set the fencing in the bed and cut it to size.  I also had an azalea that I needed to plat, so I marked where I wanted it on the fencing and cut a square out as well. 

I replanted the Callas and Clivia and am good to go.
This will now keep the dogs from digging and hopefully be lush and pretty soon...the chickens are happy.

Have you checked out An Oregon Cottage before?  I have recently discovered this blog and thoroughly enjoy it.  This mom of teenagers talks of cooking, frugality, gardening and life in general. She is also hosting the first Garden Party of the year. Check it out...I think you will enjoy.


Athena at Minerva's Garden said...

Your rosemary and strawberry plants look robust--well done! And I like the chickens!

Becky said...

Cool boots!
Great idea for that fence panel.
I have done a little digging, but I'm afraid to do too much and get that spring fever stirring worse than it already is. LOL

Donna Heber said...

Your herbs are looking great as well as your strawberry plants. I can't wait to join everyone once the weather here in the Northeast gets a little better. We have a few things peeking out of the soil, but not much. Thank you for sharing.

Clint Baker said...

First time here, love all you have. Stop in and visit at:

Jami said...

Thanks for the nice words! I was happy to find your sweet blog- and see your fun post linked to the TGP. Great idea to foil the cats- I've had to do things like that in the past...unfortunately, they weren't MY cats,though. sigh. :-)

Look forward to hearing more from you!