Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Random Catching Up

Several weeks ago, I won a contest that was being held by Mary over at Annie's Goat Hill.  I have been intrigued with soap making for years and using goat milk raised that intrigue.  I even dreamt of trying my hand at it, since we have these gals...
The idea of milking our goats and creating something wonderful, sounded romantic and very "Little House on the Prairie-ish". Then it dawned on me that this would mean milking the goats...every day...every morning...ummm, some days, I am doing well to not forget something having to do with my TWO legged kids...
Making my own goat milk anything dream flew right out the window.
Anywho...when I heard about Mary's contest, I entered and won a bar of her choice. I must say that the decision was difficult but ended up choosing Anise Lavender. 
The scent is just perfect, not overpowering and it rinses cleanly  It has replaced my face wash and I will definitely order others soon.  She has also just introduced Goat Milk Hand Lotion...just sounds luxurious! If you have never tried goat milk soap, I encourage you to. It is fantastic!

Recently, I visited one of my favorite blogs, That Mommy Blog, and discovered that she had awarded me the  Liebster Blog Award!

I am so touched and honored.  This is given to bloggers with less than 200 followers. Thank you, Michelle!

Now, I am to pass the award on to 3-5 of my favorite, smaller bloggers and let them know I did. 

As any new blogger knows, comments make us giddy! These two ladies have been with me since very nearly the beginning and although we have never met, I know we'd be friends.

(Becky is the one who turned me on to the soap giveaway)


(Her biscuit recipe has replaced mine in our house)

I discovered Lisa's blog, 
 some time ago and was hooked when I found a book list.
I am a sucker for good books and I read many of these because of the reviews.  Lisa and her husband are parents to 6 kidnicks...she knits, sews, home-schools and is all around fun to read.

Now, if you have not been introduced to Miss Janie Fox, yet, you must do so soon.  We are both on a journey together (which I will share more of soon).  She is a hoot and tells it like it is.  She adores her family. Neither one of us can locate the other on Facebook so we have given up.  She makes me laugh.

(If you ladies are so inclined to pass this award on, please share with us 3-5 of your favorite small bloggers.)

St. Patrick's Day, as you know, was on a Saturday, which honestly, for kooks like me, makes the day a whole lot easier.  If it falls on a school day, I feel obligated to make Sugar Plum Fairy green EVERYTHING!  When Shaggy and Lollipop Pop were little, I even made green bread for sandwhiches.  Having it fall on a Saturday just eases the pressure...I did mention I am a kook!
Sugar Plum Fairy got to help make green biscuits (recipe from Klutzy Mama) and cupcakes...done!
Whew...I think I have purged most of my randomness out...
Have a great Wednesday!

(Photo taken by Shaggy for his Photography class)


Becky said...

I, too, have been the recipient of Mary's soaps and lotion. I love them!
Thanks for the shout out. Friends? We are already "virtual friends"! LOL
Love the St. Patrick's day green ideas. Wish I had thought of those when my kids were still little.
Tell Shaggy, "Great job on that photo!" I hope it brings him an 'A'!!

The Little House That Grew said...

Thank you Jen for your kind email. I am glad that you stopped by. Your family is beautiful and you are blessed. Lisa

Anonymous said...

Hey Jenn! Thanks so much for the award! I've been absent from blog world all week. Becky told me about the issue you were having with trying to leave me a comment. I'm gonna check into it.
Thanks again. :)

Denice said...

AWWW!! Congrats! What an for the soap that is so neat. I too will be looking into her stuff. I love Goat's Milk Everything!! Thank you also for letting me in on all of the other blogs. I enjoy looking at the ones you promote.

Melinda said...

I'm with you on the goat's milk - I don't want to do the milking but sure would love to have the milk show up on my doorstep every AM! :)