Thursday, March 1, 2012

Our Pantry

Two years ago, I showed you the transformation of our pantry.  Well, it stayed that way for quite some time, but over the past few months, it had taken on a life of its own and not it a good way.

Last weekend, I reached the end of my rope and pulled EVERYTHING out.  I sorted the items and disposed of things like a baggie filled with Christmas Cookies...ummm, really? 
I got rid of boxes in some cases and used old silverware holders and baskets for storage of teas bags, coffee and drink mixes...
Placing the individual serving size snack items in one basket is making school lunch preparations much quicker.

Having unopened extras like mustard, dressings and jellies in one spot will minimize me buying multiples because I think I am out.

Once I had the items sorted, I painted the walls and shelves. The paint color is called "Fudgesicle" and I used a low VOC paint. 
 I found some super cool silver contact paper and attached it to the tops of each shelf.   

I also attached two drawers to the holds extra foil and plastic wrap and the other granola bars...super handy!

I now have room for bulky things like pitchers, dessert plates and a picnic basket in here.  I am thrilled!

One portion that I am less than thrilled about is this...

The cork board is falling apart and the mess of papers is just ....messy.  I recently learned about magnetized paint and thought this would be a perfect place for it. 
After taping off the center of each panel, I applied 3 coats and waited for it to "cure".

After cleaning up the mess of papers, I placed the most important items back up with magnetic clips...

I LOVE the way it looks.....unfortunately, just the movement of closing the door knocks the magnets down. It the pain is just not strong enough.  Have any of you used this paint before?  Did I do something wrong?
All in all, I am super pleased with the makeover and I sincerely hope this is the last time I show you my pantry.


Sarah said...

I've never used this kind of paint but I have wanted to try. I hang a calendar on the inside of my "pantry" (really it is a tall cabinet) with the sticky hooks by 3M - they come with adhesive that comes off when you pull it and they work great!

Becky said...

It looks great! Sorry about the magnetized paint though. I've not used it before so I'm of no help there.
About 8yrs. ago we built on to our house, adding a large washroom and foyer. My small washroom became the pantry. It desperately needs a makeover.